C&S WiNtrip VTPN DB - 8 Way, Double Door, Metal (IP43), Provision for MCCB Modules Incomer

C&S WiNtrip VTPN DB - 8 Way, Double Door, Metal (IP43), Provision for MCCB Modules Incomer

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  • 8 way Vertical TPN DB
  • Double Door - Metal (IP43)
  • 8 modules with provision for
    • Incomer: MCCBs
    • Outgoing: SP/TP MCBs (8 modules)
    • Protection against mechanical impact IK09
    • Suitable for Surface and Flush mounting
    • Typically used for Three phase distribution applications
Product Information


The Boards are backed by the technological expertise of C&S which excels globally in all low voltage products. The boards are of universal type, which means they can be both flush or wall mounted based on the requirement. These Distribution Boards undergo a seven-tank phosphating process to ensure an anti-rust conditioning, superior finish and long lasting strength. 60-micron premium quality powder coating is applied for extra smooth finish. In addition to complying with all necessary minute technical parameters, C&S WiNtrip Distribution Boards are highly user friendly and aesthetically par excellence


VTPN Distribution Boards: Metal DBs for three phase & neutral (TPN) supply distribution.


Technical Data:

  • No. of modules – 4, 6, 8, 12 way
  • Mounting – Surface / flush mounting
  • IP category –IP42/43 for double door
  • Material – CRCA sheet steel


Key Features:

  • Choice of multiple in-comer in form of Isolator, MCB, RCCB + MCB, Isolator + MCB
  • Fully equipped DBs supplied with Busbar, Earth Links, Neutral Links and inter connecting links
  • Insulated/Captive Busbar and Neutral Links, for better safety and protection
  • In all modules of SPN heavy duty gasket has been inserted for weather proofing.
  • While handling the DB in the event of any fault, insulated busbar and neutral links will provide protection to the Electrician.
  • Unique feature of PAN Assembly. This is an added advantage during maintenance
  • All the MCBs mounted inside the DB can be taken out in just one shot by the easy removal of the four screws.
  • Adequate wiring space has been provided below the Pan Assembly for proper termination and safety
  • Steel nut inserts with deep screw to give a firm hold and grip to the door.
  • Earthing provision, basically required for the protection against stray charges producing leakage current. An additional safety factor
  • In fully loaded Pre-wired DBs wiring with thimble pin for better safety and aesthetics.
  • For enhancing the conduit flexibility detachable gland plates at top and bottom with knock outs on the two sides
  • All doors and frames are deep drawn for better aesthetics and long life with no welding joints.
  • Two finger holes to lift the plate have been duly plugged for making the board dust free and safe
  • Double Door DB Door with hinge mechanism. It is highly user friendly as in case of larger DBs door can be removed temporarily and fault can be cleared with ease
  • Secondly, the door can be opened in any direction suitable as per the location, what need to be done is to just unhinge the door from left side and hinge safely to the right side.
  • Lock and Key mechanism is there on the front door for better aesthetic value along-with additional safety.
  • Smooth finish with 60-micron powder coating
  • IP42 Protection with provision for IP43
  • Extra protection to the DB during masson job through masking sheet 


Incoming and Outgoing Devices:

  • Incoming: Isolator, MCB, RCCB + MCB, Isolator + MCB
  • Outgoing: SP MCBs
Key Specification

Additional Information

Manufacturer C&S
Model WiNtrip
Incomer Modules MCCB
Subincomer Modules N/A
Outgoing Modules 8
Dimensions (in mm) 470 W x 117 D x 777 H

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