Finolex FR/House Gaurd Wire - 1, 1 Core(Unsheathed), Red, 90m

Finolex FR/House Gaurd Wire - 1, 1 Core(Unsheathed), Red, 90m

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  • Flame Retardant PVC Insulated Industrial Cable 
  • Rating : 11A (conduit) & 12A on Surface
  • Guage : 14/0.3
  • Voltage : 1100V
  • No. of Cores: 1
  • Core Color - Red
  • Conductor Type - Copper
  • Supplied in Standard length of 90m
  • Conforms to IS 694:1990 (Flammability), Current Carrying Capacity as per IS 3961 (Part V) 1968, Nominal dia as per Conductor Class 2 of IS 8130:1984
  • ISI Marking
  • Approved by FIA/TAC
  • Typically used for wiring of electrical control panels, industrial sheds, buildings etc
Product Information


The Finolex Group is one of India’s leading industrial groups and has interests spanning over several areas such as power, telecommunications, petrochemicals, agriculture and education. Finolex Cables Limited, an IS/ISO 9001 company, is the flagship company of Finolex Group. The company manufactures a wide range of cables required for construction, automotive, agricultural, communications, industrial and power sectors at its plants in Pimpri (Pune) Urse (Near Pune), Verna (Goa), and Roorkee (Uttrakhand). 


Flame Retardant (FR) PVC Insulated Industrial Cables

To add to the existing range of electrical wires, Finolex introduces ‘Finolex’ - Flame retardant (FR) PVC insulated industrial cables, which offer added safety. Each wire is manufactured using 99.97% pure, electrolytic grade, bright annealed bare copper with more than 100% conductivity for conductor. This copper is manufactured at the company’s state-of-the-art plant in Goa. Highest purity and conductivity of copper ensures greater saving of electrical energy and thus helps to reduce electricity bills. The conductor is made of multiple strands of finely drawn copper wires thereby offering greater flexibility which makes these wires ideal for conduit wiring.


The wires are insulated with FR (Flame Retardant) PVC compound, specially formulated and manufactured in-house. A special grade PVC resin manufactured by the group company, Finolex Industries Limited, is used to manufacture this compound. This PVC compound has FR properties of high oxygen and temperature index. These properties help in restricting the spread of fire even at very high temperatures. This special compound also offers high insulation resistance and dielectric strength. Insulation is applied over the conductor by the process of dual extrusion using state-of-the-art extrusion lines. The outer skin determines the color identification while the inner layer is pure insulation which provides extra protection. All wires are subjected to high voltage spark testing to make sure that there are no weak spots in the insulation.


These ISI marked wires meet the requirements of IS 694: 1990 with latest amendments with improved fire performance for category C-1. This means extra protection against electrical shocks, short circuits and fires. The wires also have FIA/TAC (Fire Insurance/Tariff Advisory Committee) approval.


Key Features:

Manufactured from bright annealed 99.97% pure bare copper conductors that offer low conductor resistance, they result in lower heating thereby increase in life and savings in power consumption. These wires are insulated with a special grade PVC compound formulated and manufactured in-house. The skin coloration offers high insulation resistance and long life. These wires have high thermal stability which in turn results into long life. These wires conform to IS 694:1990 and also have FIA/TAC (Fire Insurance/Tariff Advisory Committee) approval.


FR Properties:

Test | Test Method Specified | Specification Values

Critical Oxygen Index  | IS: 10810 Part 58 | Oxygen Index Minimum 29%

Temperature Index | IS: 10810 Part 64 | Minimum Temperature Index 250ᵒC



These cables can be used for wiring of electrical control panels, industrial sheds, buildings etc. The multi strand flexible conductors make it ideal for concealed wiring

Key Specification

Additional Information

Manufacturer Finolex
Model FR/House Gaurd
Guage 14/0.3
Core 1 Core(Unsheathed)
Conductor Copper
Voltage Rating 1100V
Current Rating (In Conduit) 11A
Current Rating (Unenclosed) 12A
Dimensions (in mm) N/A

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