L&T MOC5 Capacitor Duty Contactor - 7A, For 5kVAr, 3Pole, 415V AC Coil, 1NO

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L&T MOC5 Capacitor Duty Contactor - 7A, For 5kVAr, 3Pole, 415V AC Coil, 1NO

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  • MO C Series Capacity Duty Contactor 
  • Frame-1
  • 5kVAr Capacitor Rating
  • In built 1NO Auxiliary Contact 
  • 415V AC 50Hz Control Voltage Coil 
  • Built in surge suppressor
  • Suitable for Capacitor Switching Applications
Product Information


Due to through understanding and in-depth knowledge of customer requirements, L&T makes sure that their extensive range of contactors caters to every single customer need. L&T's contactors are well suited for varied applications such as motor control capacitor duty switching, single phase applications, supply changeover and many more. In short, L&T offers a one-stop solution for every application.


L&T's extensive range of contactors is further augmented by their range of thermal overload relays, giving reliable protection across diverse applications. MN relays are available from 0.2 to 570A in trip class 10A and 30A. Relays can be directly mounted on contactors for space-saving or through separate mounting kits, depending on the requirement. MO contactors along with RTO relays, MNX contactors along with RTX relays and MX contactors along with MX-R0 relays are perfect examples of these compact motor feeders.


These contactors are complimented with a wide range of accessories has been specifically designed and developed to suit diverse application requirements. From add-on blocks to surge suppressors and mechanical interlock kits to protection shrouds, L&T offers a complete range of accessories.


MOC Series of Capacitor Duty Contactors

L&T’s MO C Capacitor Duty Contactors are designed for switching 3 phase, single or multi-step capacitor bank. In conventional capacitor switching contactors, early make auxiliary contacts used for insertion of damping resistors used to remain in the circuit continuously. During current breaking these auxiliary contacts would also carry and break the currents due to higher arc resistance in the main pole during arcing. This current breaking by auxiliary contacts at higher transient recovery voltage causes unreliable product performance and premature product failures.


MO C range of capacitor switching contactors has patented mechanism which disconnects the early make auxiliary contacts after the main contacts are closed. This completely eliminates the possibility of auxiliary contacts carrying and breaking the currents during breaking operation. This enhances the product switching performance and improves the product life.



  • Rating: 7A to 112A AC-6b duty
  • Can be used for Capacitors from 5kVAr to 50kVAr
  • Coil Voltage: 24V-440V AC


Key Features:

  • Separately terminated de-latching contacts for enhanced operational reliability
  • Improved switching performance
  • Dual contact gap for auxiliary contacts
  • Separate termination of damping resistors
  • Encapsulated resistor assembly
  • Wide and chatter-free operating band
  • Higher electrical life
  • Enhanced product safety
Key Specification

Additional Information

Manufacturer L&T
Model MOC5
Contactor Type Capacitor Duty Contactor
Contactor Frame 1
Dimensions (in mm) 45 W x 133.5 D x 87 H

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