Siemens Indicating Lamp 3SB5-White,Compact led indicating lamps,24V AC/DC

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Siemens Indicating Lamp 3SB5-White,Compact led indicating lamps,24V AC/DC

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  • Indicating Lamp 3SB5 
  • Compact led indicating lamps
  • Color: White
  • Voltage: 24V AC/DC
  • Used for Panel Boards, Panel Mounted Valves, Motor Starters, Cranes, etc
Product Information


3SB5 Indicating Lamps and Push buttons

 The 3SB5 range of pilot devices is eminently suitable for installation in any control and auxiliary circuit, AC or DC. Packed with user-oriented features, the 3BS5 pushbuttons and lamps are a practical state-of-the-art answer to the Indian customer‘s search for higher contact reliability, increased operator safety, reduced labour input (faster mounting and wiring), electronics compatibility and compactness plus IP65/67 degree of protection. The availability of 2 separate models – the rear wire connection type for panel mounting application and the ultra-compact front wire connection type for push button stations with removable covers render.



Pushbutton Actuators:

Normal, raised (opaque / illuminated)

 Key Actuators: 2 positions and 3 positions (maintained / momentary)

Selector Actuators: 2-position, 3-position (maintained / momentary, opaque / illuminated)

E-Stop Actuators

Twin Push Button Actuators

Indicating Lamps: LED, BA9s filament lamp

Push Button Station: Metal, Plastic


Contact Reliability:

3SB5 contact block is an ideal component in control systems, where contact reliability at low voltage is essential as in cases involving PLCs, DCS systems, CNC systems, etc. Thanks to the “double break parallel bridge contact system“, 3SB5 offers guaranteed continuity at voltage as low as 17V DC and signal strength as low as 5mA.

Compact contact block design of 3SB5 makes it a preferred choice for applications where there are limitations on panel depth e.g. marine applications, machine tool panels etc. For a contact block housing a single contact (1 NO or 1 NC) the depth is just 20 mm

Easy identification for contact blocks is possible due to the color coding. In case of 3SB5 compact indicating lamps the color of housing is same as that of the lens assembly. This helps in easy stocking/identification.

Built in low voltage glow protection: The LED pilot lights are essentially Light Emitting Diodes which start glowing at low voltages as low as 4V. Such glow at low voltages (typically caused by residual voltage due to leakage currents) can lead to erroneous interpretation. The 3SB5 LED indicating lamps are provided with low voltage glow protection (LVGP). This eliminates the possibility of any false indication due to leakage voltage or current.

Built in surge suppressors: 3SB5 LED pilot lights are provided with an inbuilt “surge suppressor“. This helps in protecting sensitive electronic devices such as PLC, DCS systems, CNC systems, etc. from switching over voltage.



Typically used for 3SB5 devices ideal for panels, control desks, control stations, machine tools, etc.

Key Specification

Additional Information

Manufacturer Siemens
Model Indicating Lamp 3SB5
Configuration N/A
Voltage Rating 24V AC/DC
Positions N/A
Dimensions (in mm) N/A

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